October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month! Throughout the month, Child & Family Service will be participating in various events to strengthen families and work toward ending domestic violence in our Islands. Check back here for more news, resources, and information.

Domestic Violence Hotline Numbers:

O‘ahu: 808.841.0822 – (Child & Family Service)
Kaua‘i: 808.245.6362 – (YWCA CRISIShotline)
Maui: 808.579.9581 – (Women Helping Women)
Moloka‘i: 808.567.6888 – (Molokai Community Service Council)
West Hawai‘i Island: 808.322.7233 – (Child & Family Service)
East Hawai‘i Island: 808.959.8864 – (Child & Family Service)

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