President & CEO’s Message

2015 Donor Newsletter V.2

Community Partnerships Change the Trajectory of Lives

Howard Garval, MSW
President & CEO

Child & Family Service has been helping local families to overcome issues related to trauma and abuse for more than 117 years now. Experience has taught us that the challenges many families face cannot be solved by a single organization. For example, a mother trying to break the cycle of domestic violence needs the support of multiple agencies, with, for example, access to job training, health care, or transportation.

The ideal way to address these needs is for existing agencies across health, education, government, and human services to collaborate on the care of individuals, in other words, to create a continuum of care.

CFS is leading the way to do just that.

In this issue we highlight a new program called Transition to Success (TTS™), a nationally recognized model that helps families move from poverty to success by coordinating needed community services.

We are piloting the program on Maui and Kaua‘i at our family centers, places where families can come for supplies, classes, to learn skills, or to access other services. When families need resources beyond those available at CFS, we partner with numerous community agencies to bring those resources to them, in their homes and in their neighborhoods.

CFS gives families who want to help themselves a chance to transform their lives. We believe that people can change their lives and have a better future. Thanks to the support of our valued donors, we are able to help not only individuals, but also our larger community to work together to strengthen families across our state.

View Howard’s Blog here.

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