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2019 Spring Newsletter

(L to R) TOP: Cover of our very first Annual Report. We started as Associated Charities of Hawaii on March 27, 1899; Still “All About FAMILY” after 120 years. BOTTOM: Cover photo of our 1964 Annual Report; Cover of our 1984 Annual Report; Our main CFS offices in 1941, the year we changed our name to “Child & Family Service”.

120 Years of Partnering with the Island Community

Karen Tan, LCSW
President & CEO

It has been 120 years since the founding of Child & Family Service (CFS). With gratitude for people like you, we look back on the history of our organization and how far we have come. We started as “Associated Charities of Hawaii”, a group of 12 affiliated charities, in an office on Hotel Street. Fast forward to today and CFS is a healthy organization, we have grown to a 400+ team of talented and thoughtful professionals. Our team has been able to address the growing variety of issues families and individuals face in Hawai‘i and have a host of accomplishments of which we are incredibly proud.

In looking at the history of CFS, we can say in confidence that we have faithfully upheld our mission. Strengthening families and fostering the healthy development of children remains our focus. From educating families and helping them heal to providing community-centered relief efforts, this mission has provided a solid foundation upon which we grow.

What will the next 120 years look like? This is an exciting time for CFS, through innovation we are growing and adapting with our changing world. Through collaboration, creativity and compassion we are finding solutions to today’s toughest human problems. In the celebration of this milestone, we are also reevaluating our organization, we want to be conscious of where we are headed, how we approach those we work with and how we respond to our community. We take on these new challenges to improve on what has been built.

I look back at the past 120 years of work with so much pride and appreciation for all the people who have brought us to this point.

It’s these relationships and the people we serve that make CFS special. Together we have helped empower generations to build thriving communities throughout the state.

The impact of this organization continues to amaze me. Thank you for helping CFS serve thousands of families & individuals in Hawai‘i every year.

“We’re All About FAMILY” Newsletter Spring 2019 V.1

COVER: 120 Years of Partnering with the Island Community
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