A Board Leader’s Experience

“Kathy (Inouye) believes so much in the impact we make at the shelter she helped to fund and build, that it was important for her as a Board member to deepen her knowledge of that impact.”
– Howard Garval, President and CEO, Child & Family Service

Kathy Inouye, Partner and Chief Operating Officer at the Kobayashi Group and Past Chair of the CFS Board of Directors, packed an overnight bag; dinner for the residents and spent the night with a dozen families living at our House of Hope Domestic Abuse Shelter. Inouye wanted to experience firsthand how these survivors of Domestic Violence were able to find the courage to break the cycle of violence in their lives. Her visit was a meaningful way to experience the CFS mission in action.

When asked about her overnight experience, Inouye said that “The kids are happy, attending school, and learning that abuse is not normal. The women are being taught the finance and budgeting skills necessary to live an independent life, and are provided the support to either attend school or acquire the skills necessary to become employed.” Adding that these types of programs are funded through private support, Inouye noted that the shelter is more than just a place to sleep ~ it’s a place to grow strong and independent.

Softening her voice she added, “I woke up very early and made up my bunk intending to leave very quietly. There was a woman named Charlotte who was doing her laundry. She saw me getting ready to leave and came up to me crying and said, “Thank you for saving my life.’ It was a humbling reminder of why I am committed to the work of Child & Family Service.”



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