A Heartfelt Letter
from a Mother

TIFFE Intensive In-Home Therapy Program helps her son and family overcome a dark period

During the darkest and most stressful period of our family’s lives, Child & Family Service (CFS) stepped in and gave us hope and stability when we needed it most. Our son faced multiple medical conditions that greatly affected his mental health and wellbeing.  At just 13 years old and overwhelmed by his acute on slot of symptoms, he was in such a state of despair that he vocalized ‘not wanting to be on this earth anymore’.  As parents of this beautiful and good hearted boy, we were heartbroken and felt bereaved by the sudden declination of our son’s mental condition. With so many questions and no blueprints, we felt completely alone. How do you help your child and yourselves when you are battling an enemy that you cannot see? Being a military family new to Hawai‘i, we had very little support.  By a blessing, our son’s junior high school recommended CFS and initiated introduction.  From the very beginning, the folks at CFS were a positive and consistent force which provided professional guidance for our son and ourselves.

CFS benefitted our entire family.  Each week our therapist, Dr. Stacey, came to our home and fully listened to our concerns then developed concise direction and aid which alleviated familial anxiety and strain. She suggested sound and valid techniques to better help us support our child. Her rapport with our son became a paramount factor in our healing.  His trust in her allowed her to breakdown his protective walls and teach him techniques to manage his symptoms and reduce his fears. Dr. Stacey selflessly came to our home weekly.  I cannot begin to quantify the gratitude I feel towards her for this sacrifice, it has made our son feel comfortable and safe in his home surroundings rather than being vulnerable in an unfamiliar clinic setting.  Home therapy has helped our whole family gain control over terrible mental maladies and our outlook for a positive and wonderful future is beyond bright.

CFS says, “We’re here. No matter what” and they truly lived up to this motto. We were able to get necessary and urgent help for our son, in our home and as a family, which did not cost a solitary penny and made it possible for us to get through this storm together.  There’s nothing worse than seeing your child hurting and you feeling helpless because you don’t know how to help. It’s a lonely state to exist in.  We are forever grateful to CFS for their care, their support, and their friendship. The tools that we’ve gained are priceless and keep our family rooted in love and solidarity.  THANK YOU CFS!!!


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