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2017 Donor Newsletter V.1

Howard Garval Retires after Decade of Leadership

(L to R) CFS Board of Directors 2nd Chair Louise Ing, CFS Board of Directors Chair Michele Saito, CFS Board of Directors Past Chair Richard Wacker, & CFS President & CEO Howard Garval

Child & Family Service (CFS) is recognized across our community as a leader in strengthening families, thanks to President & CEO Howard Garval, who retired on September 30, 2017, after more than a decade at the helm of CFS.

“Thanks to Howard’s leadership, CFS is stronger today than ever,” said CFS Board Chair Michele Saito. “His strategic vision of being a family-centered, full-service organization has enabled CFS to expand its reach and programs to meet the changing and evolving needs of Hawaii’s families.”

She noted that “Howard has been recognized in our community for convening partnerships and collaborative efforts to bring the resources to bear to address large scale health and human services issues that cannot be solved by any one agency alone.”

During his tenure Garval’s accomplishments have included:
• Expanding the reach of CFS Family Centers, which are located in communities statewide and serve as a one-stop model for meeting family needs under one roof

• Fostering excellence in clinical and counseling services methods through Risking Connection, a trauma-informed care model

• Launching Transition to Success™, a national collaborative anti-poverty system of care

• Measuring nonprofit effectiveness through Results Based Accountability™, developed by Mark Friedman of the Fiscal Policy Studies Institute

• Leading social enterprise initiatives such as WorkLife Hawaii, an Employee Assistance Program, and the Institute for Training and Evaluation

Garval was also instrumental in building an endowment and raising significant funds from private and non-governmental sources so that increasingly CFS can steer its own course while also reducing our dependency on government funding.

“During Howard’s tenure, CFS has become recognized as a leader in supporting families through prevention as well as treatment programs for challenges such as abuse and neglect,” Saito said. “On behalf of the CFS Board of Directors and the thousands helped by CFS each year, mahalo nui loa for your commitment to Hawaii’s families, Howard!”


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