Child & Family Service Proves Poverty in Hawai‘i is a Treatable Condition

“Imagine helping a family move from poverty, homelessness, and distress to educated, working, and thriving. Child & Family Service has found a model that does just this!”

~ Karen Tan, LCSW, CFS President & CEO

Over the past 3 years, Child & Family Service (CFS) piloted Transition to Success® (TTS®) an anti-poverty model of care in our programs on the islands of Kaua‘i and Maui. TTS® is a system of care that changes our understanding and treatment response to poverty as a condition, NOT a character flaw. As with any “condition,” things can get better when given the right support and tools.

We deliberately measured the impact of TTS® on a quarterly basis over the pilot period and careful review of the data indicates that CFS has a clear and focused way to help move families in Hawai‘i out of poverty. The data also shows that it is important to expand the model across all CFS programs statewide. Ideally, the time is now to also expand the model across the Human Service sector.

“Just 2 years ago, my husband and I were struggling from addiction. We were homeless, living in a tent with our 4 kids, moving from site to site, fetching water and food daily, trying to avoid the judgement of others while we struggled to make it through day to day. We first went to CFS for food and clothing, and ended up receiving so much more. Thanks to these past 2 years being in the CFS program, we have a safe place to live and a stable life for our kids. My husband and I are now employed and most importantly we have the tools we need to handle the problems that put us in poverty.”

~ Kaua‘i Family

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