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Results-Based Accountability™ Training

Results-Based Accountability™ (RBA) gets to the heart of the question “Is anyone better off?”

2016_worklife_rba_graphMore and more, nonprofit human service organizations are being asked to use data and measurement to prove that their programs and services are benefitting the community. This focus on data and results not only helps organizations quantify their success, it provides the tools to improve programs to achieve the desired results.

RBA™ is a disciplined way of thinking that often requires a cultural change within an organization. RBA™ was developed by Clear Impact, partner and founder of the Fiscal Policy Studies Institute, Mark Friedman. ITE’s training provides tools and resources for the implementation of RBA throughout an organization. ITE pulls from Child & Family Service’s real life experience in implementing RBA™ since 2012 as well as their designation as the only licensed provider of RBA™ in the state of Hawai‘i.

The Institute for Training and Evaluation offers training and consultation that can be tailored to specific agency needs and includes:

• Creating Results Culture Change and an Introduction to Results-Based Accountability™

• Results-Based Accountability™ and How it Works

• Population Accountability and Performance Accountability

• Results-Based Decision Making: Brining it All Together

Sessions can range from a 90-minute overview to a full day of in-depth training. A full training package consists of 12 hours of training. The ITE team is available for consultation to help evaluate what training program is best for your organization.


“Training organizations, transforming communities”

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